Bucks CC: Amersham Parking Review Stage Two

Buckinghamshire County Council has now published results of the first stage of Amersham Parking Review. Based on feedback received during the Informal Consultation carried out between 3 Dec 2019 and 14 Jan 2020 some roads will proceed to the formal consultation, some are removed from the parking review altogether and some need to go to the second informal consultation.

First Informal Consultation Results »

The document above outlines original proposals, summary of feedback and working group decisions for 48 roads including four in Old Amersham:

  • High Street & The Broadway – Proceed to formal with amendments, p. 24
  • School Lane – Proceed to second informal, p. 43
  • Whielden Close – Remove from parking review, p. 51
  • Whielden Street – Remove from parking review, p. 52

The current stage of the Review is the Second Informal Consultation which runs from 2 to 27 Mar 2020. To comment on revised proposals for School Lane (see map V46) follow the link below:

School Lane Survey »