Welcome to the Amersham Society

The Society aims to foster a greater awareness of the amenities and heritage of the Old Town of Amersham and to encourage conservation and sensitive enhancement. As the future of such small market towns comes under an increasing variety of threats, it acts as a watchdog for its members. Our website is regularly updated to inform members of both Amersham Society events and also other local activities. The Society is a non-political organisation, with membership open to everyone who shares our desire to make the town attractive to residents and visitors.

The Amersham Society started its life around a successful campaign to protect Shardeloes House from demolition in 1956. Around 20 years later the Society became the driving force behind attempts to set up the Museum in the town. In 2010 the Society became a founder member of the HS2 Action Alliance. Now that the proposed HS2 line beyond Birmingham has been cut, the Society will remain vigilant on further action on this project, particularly the planned clear-up work that will be essential in the Amersham area around Whielden Street and Shardeloes.

During the winter months the Society organises lectures in the Kings Chapel, often on subjects of local interest. The Society also organises a summer outing and, when possible, a party for members to meet each other.

Although the Society’s focus is on the Old Town, many of its members live in Amersham on the Hill and Chesham Bois. We plan to continue to raise awareness of our activities among residents of both communities and our meeting in Mar 2024 in the Old Barn Hall, adjacent to the Lifestyle Centre, reflects that wish.

Members receive copies of our Newsletter in January, May and September. This includes articles of interest about local people and historic buildings, as well as reports of Committee activities, lectures and Society visits. The Editor always welcomes additional articles and features for inclusion in the Newsletter.

If you are interested in joining the Amersham Society apply here.