Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

The Amersham Society collects and stores the name, address, telephone number and email addresses of its members along with details of type of membership and subscription payment information. The Membership Secretary keeps information up-to- date and should be notified of any changes.

The Society uses this personal data of its members for the purposes of membership administration and providing membership services. Membership administration includes work to collect subscriptions and any associated gift aid and keeping a record of members eligible to vote at general meetings. Membership services include the delivery of newsletters by hand or by post, emails to inform members of events organised by the Society, of other local public meetings or consultations and of volunteer activities in which members may take part.

Communication will normally be by email or to postal addresses. Telephone numbers are only used when it is deemed necessary. The Amersham Society does not use third parties to make phone calls or send emails on its behalf. The Society does NOT sell or share members’ personal information with any other organisation. The contact details of members are made available to Committee members for the discharge of their duties but are not made available to the wider membership.

The Society retains members’ personal information as long as is necessary for the purposes of membership administration and provision of membership services. Personal data will not be retained when there is no longer any administrative need for it for delivering membership services or claiming gift aid. This will normally be 7 years after membership ceases.

The Society keeps personal information secure. No payment card numbers are stored by the Society. For those members paying by standing order, the information held by the Society is kept to the minimum necessary to identify the source of the payment. Where external agencies are used, such as in the collection of direct debit subscription payments, the society takes care to ensure data is adequately protected before appointing such agencies and regularly thereafter.

The Society acts within the UK data protection law and other relevant legislation. If you would like to access your personal data held by us, please email with the subject “Access Request”.

Members’ Personal Information explained

  • What data is collected:
    name, address and postcode, phone number(s), email address, membership type, payment preference, gift aid declaration;
  • How it’s collected:
    currently by completing a paper-based Membership Application Form;
  • How it’s stored:
    Membership Secretary holds original forms for archiving purpose and maintains xls spreadsheet of members;
  • How it’s used:
    to deliver printed newsletters by post or by hand (name, address),
    to send emails, either directly or via the Society’s website (name, email address),
    to set up a Direct Debit via GoCardless website (name, email address),
    to claim gift aid via HMRC charity account (name, house name/number, postcode);
  • Who has access:
    Membership Secretary has full access to all data,
    Treasurer, Website Manager and certain number of volunteers have partial access to data needed for providing services such as claiming gift aid, sending emails and delivering newsletters respectively,
    members can access their own personal data on request.