HS2: Chiltern Tunnel Approval – Judicial Review

Local people have formed a Limited Company “Misbourne Environmental Protection” and with the help and support of leading UK Geologists and Hydrologists from the area they have launched Stage 1 of a High Court Judicial Review of the Environmental Agency’s approval of HS2 Ltd and Align’s actions in the Chilterns Tunnel.

For further information please visit their website. They have raised £10K initially to fund Stage 1. To progress matters further and bring a successful judicial review, they now need to raise more funds and ask for help from the local community.

Here is how you can join the effort to preserve the River Misbourne and the Chiltern Aquifer:

Contribute via Crowdfunding »

IMPORTANT: The crowd funding target of £15K must be reached by 9.00 am on 22 Sep 2021.

For most recent news to support the case please read: