The Amersham Society

Amersham History

History of the Society

The activities of the Amersham Society, which was founded in 1956, will interest all who care about Amersham Old Town and want to preserve its character and amenities. The Society has grown over its life to become a Civic Amenity Society with nearly 500… Read more

History of Old Amersham

This is only a brief summary of the history of Old Amersham. A much more detailed history, including the history of many individual buildings, families, trades and events can be found on the Amersham History web site at which is a… Read more

Latest Events

Sat Jun 24 @14:30 -
Tudor walks in Amersham
Sun Jun 25 @14:30 - 04:30PM
Amersham Town walk
Sat Jul 01
A charity cycle ride to support Chiltern Samaritans
Sun Jul 02 @14:30 - 04:30PM
Amersham Town walk
Sun Jul 09 @14:30 - 04:30PM
Amersham Town walk
Mon Jul 10
Street cleaning - High Street, north side (odd numbers)
Wed Jul 12 @12:00 - 04:30PM
Amersham Museum re-opens
Thu Jul 13 @12:00 - 04:30PM
Amersham Museum
Sun Jul 16 @12:00 - 04:30PM
Amersham Museum
Sun Jul 16 @14:30 - 04:30PM
Amersham Town walk
Wed Jul 19 @12:00 - 04:30PM
Amersham Museum
Thu Jul 20 @12:00 - 04:30PM
Amersham Museum