River Misbourne Survey Report, 1 Apr 2018

Started: 11.15am
Weather: Over cast and damp
Survey carried out by: George Allison and Tim Harmer

Area of survey from the bottom end of Shardeloes Lake to the Jaguar Garage

  1. Grill from lake looks clear. However new barbed wire fence fitted along the public foot path gives clear access problem. Also a Datum monitoring instrument fitted across the river. I think this is a part of the HS2 project. Tree branches and dead weed in the river behind the Cricket club and a tree in the river near club gate.
  2. Between Shardeloes Drive and Amersham by-pass bridge and further along to Amersham High street bridge. Significant amounts of twigs and tree branches in the river which need clearing.

    Beyond by-pass April 2018
    River Misbourne beyond by-pass, Apr 2018
  3. Copas Farm is private land, so unable to undertake survey. However from the High Street bridge heavy vegetation was seen in the river on this farm land.
  4. To Mill Lane. The river is locked behind gates giving very little visual access. However we managed to look up the river from a house garden. There is a tree across the river and branches in it.
  5. The stretch of river immediately downstream from Mill Lane to the corner of Barn Meadow. River running well and clean.
  6. The Barn Meadow reach is clear and flowing well.
  7. We did not have access to the river between the culvert and Pondwick. At Pondwick the river has thick dead vegetation and up to the council office building. This needs clearing by Town Council and riparian owners.
  8. At Badminton Court the river is clean and clear.
  9. Church Mead. The river has dead vegetation which needs clearing.
  10. Car park area has dead vegetation and branches in river. No supermarket trolleys found.
  11. Behind Tesco supermarket fallen tree across the river (reported to Tesco manager) is blocking it.
  12. River running behind Tesco car park. Overflow culvert shows no water flow and the river bed Is dry after this point.
  13. Station Road Bridge. No flow and river dry.
  14. West Arch or the road bridge and river fork at the Jaguar Garage is dry.