River Misbourne Survey Report, 8 Jan 2018

Started: 10.15am
Weather: Over cast and damp
Survey carried out by: George Allison and Tim Harmer

The walk on the 8 Jan 2018 was not complete because the River was dry from Tesco’s supermarket.

Area of this survey was from Lookers (Jaguar) Garage to the footbridge and ford
(Ref track from London Road E)

  1. From where the river emerges from the Two Arches under London Road West there is dead undergrowth in the river.

    River Misbourne near Jaguar Showroom, Apr 2018
    River Misbourne near Jaguar Showroom, Apr 2018
  2. Moving along into Bury farm field the river has fallen trees and bushes which need clearing by the riparian owners.
  3. Moving under the A413 bypass along the river going along the river towards the foot bridge, we found a large number of trees and bushes that had fallen into the river from the winter snow. These need to be cleared.