HS2 through the Chilterns: Alternative Tunnelling Proposals




The HS2 Amersham Action Group vigorously opposes the principle of HS2.  

However: should HS2 go ahead, the issue of how it tunnels through the Chilterns becomes of paramount importance. 

The HS2 Amersham Action Group has organised Saturday’s information day, which features details of three alternative tunnelling schemes. 

In no significant order, these are

(1) The Chilterns Long Tunnel, proposed and supported  by Chiltern District Council in association with Bucks County Council, the Chilterns Conservation Board and Aylesbury Vale District Council.

(2) The CRAG T2 Tunnel, proposed by the Chiltern Ridges Action Group and

(3) The REPA Tunnel (The South Heath Chilterns Tunnel Extension) proposed by the Residents’ Environmental Protection Association. 

Representatives of these proposals, and the Chiltern Society, will be on hand to answer questions throughout the day.  Martin Tett, Leader of Bucks CC, will open the proceedings at 11am and he will be followed at intervals by other speakers who will give very short talks on aspects of their proposed tunnelling options or how these might be presented by petitioners appearing before the HS2 Select Committee.    The timetable is as follows:      


11.00                         Martin Tett – Leader, Buckinghamshire County Council

‘The Chilterns Long Tunnel’ the tunnelling optioncommissioned by Chiltern District Council in association with Aylesbury Vale District Council, Buckinghamshire County Council and the Chilterns Conservation Board.     

11.30                         Hilary Wharf – HS2 Action Alliance

‘The South Heath Chilterns Tunnel Extension’ proposed by the Residents’ Environmental Protection Association, whose members are primarily representative groups in the South Heath/Hyde Heath area and surrounding communities. 

12.30                        CDC Councillor Nick Rose – Lead Councillor, Chiltern District Council Full Bore Tunnel 

‘Tunnelling Solutions’– an Overview’    

13.00                         Frank Partridge – Denham Against HS2

‘Engaging with the HS2 Select Committee’           

13.30                         Brian Thompson – Wendover HS2

‘The Chilterns Long Tunnel: the Northern Portal and Construction Camp’ 

14.30                        Barnaby Usborne Chiltern Ridges HS2 Action Group (CRAG)

The Chilter Ridges Action Group T2 Chilterns Tunnel Extension

15.00                        Colin Sully – CRAG

Presenting a Petition to the Select Committee: advice for local residents   

Representative of The Chiltern Society will be on hand throughout the day, with a  slideshow of the government’s proposed tunnel and affected areas.