HS2: Notes of The Chalfonts & Amersham Local Meeting

We have received these notes from the Bucks HS2 team relating to the CFA 8 (The Chalfonts and Amersham) local meetings held in September.

For those who attended, you may recall that at these events the two main topics which we discussed were the Select Committee Visit to Buckinghamshire and the Community Benefit Fund.

Topic Issue/question raised Our response/comment
Chilterns Tunnel Where is the green route? Link to the tunnel proposal: http://www.chiltern.gov.uk/article/4429/HS2—Campaigners-launch-their-case-for-Going-Underground-to-preserve-AONB
Select Committee visit ideas
  • Hyde farm and Chapel Farm are key sites to visit- both drastically affected- easily accessible, good view with listed buildings.
  • Amersham vent shaft next to Amersham Hospital.
  • Wendover Dean
  • Location of vent shafts
  • Bottom house farm lane
  • Hunts green farm
  • A413- key transport route
  • Denham looking over Colne Valley
  • Annie Baileys- this was another key site.
  • AONB should be seen in 1 day, and the rest of Bucks as a separate day
We will consider these points when preparing the proposed agenda for the Select Committee visit. This will be circulated for further comments towards the end of October / early November.
  • Schools are vulnerable to poor air quality, specifically Hyde Heath, Roberts Wood, Chalfont St Giles school and the guide centre.
  • Hyde Heath castle, Chalfont St Giles church yard, Chalfont St Giles pond and Bottom farm lane area vulnerable in terms of cultural heritage.
  • In terms of landscape and visual, planting by the M25 and proposed new road is vulnerable. Also Chesham Lane vent shaft is only screened on two sides- more needed.
  • Footpaths are vulnerable to noise and vibration.
  • Houses above the tunnel are vulnerable. When the tunnel boring machine passes under people's houses.
  • Epilepsy centre may be vulnerable although don't seem concerned.
  • In terms of water resources and flood risk, the aquifer around Chalfont St Giles and Shardeloes lake is vulnerable.
The Council will take this into account when responding to draft LEMPs that come forward from HS2 Ltd.
Transport Regarding the petitioning point to use rail more than road – who is pushing this point forward? This is being taken forward as a routewide petitioning point by Camden . A decision will be made soon if we need to commission any work in relation to this point.
Transport Have there been any traffic counts done by TfB on West Hyde Lane or Rickmansworth Lane? (East sides). This would help the Parish's arguments proving these roads are well used and should not be closed. Parish Council not happy about temporary new road being built. Maybe a local developer has done counts? (National Soc Epilepsy on Rickmansworth Lane). TfB have been asked if it is available. The project team will follow this up. If it is not available, looking at the planning application will be considered.
CoCP/Transport There should be no/minimal parking at construction sites to force contractors to use a park and ride scheme There is a route wide petitioning point regarding construction phase travel plans which need to be agreed with the Highways Authority – parking will be considered in those.
Landscape / ecology In the ES maps there is a small patch of new trees on the north side of Hyde Heath road (near LMI/17 footpath) – what is the point of these? There is a very important bush here which prevents snow covering the road. This area is woodland habitat creation, and is most likely being used to make up the area needed for mitigation. In our petition we have stated that we want to be fully involved in the design of mitigation measures (including the location of mitigation measures)
Flood and water Has there been a flood survey on the west side of Pheasant Hill? Unsure if this specific site has been surveyed. However we have asked for further surveying, particularly in vulnerable areas.
Flood and water Update this group on flood/water issues being taken forward that are relevant to this area. Concerns about tunnelling, state of sewers given recent flooding, lining the River Misbourne (although recognition that this remedy is contentious) We are happy to discuss these at the next set of community meetings. Please send specific questions you would like us to cover.
Community Impacts / Benefit Fund
  • Compensation for congestion delays difficult
  • Concern – community in fighting for funds
  • Compensation fund awarding funds to individuals not appropriate
  • Communities should think of local facilities that need improving
  • Will need careful communication to communities – we don’t want HS2, but if it has to happen must get some community benefit
  • Further discussion about local community centres that may want to seek funding for improvements
  • Comment that main impacts involve delays to travel for local people – difficult to compensate for this
  • Chilterns Society- money to re-do their footpath maps as these will change as a result of HS2
  • Chalfont St Giles Pond – could this be eligible for compensation if it is damaged/ removed temporarily?
  • Hyde Heath School – concern about impacts (suggestion that CBF money would help, however should receive mitigation first).
  • Hyde Heath fete – the hall relies on this fete for funding. Will the fete be able to continue? Could the Community Benefit Fund help? (i.e. for years when it can't run, could money be provided?)
  • Community Shop (Hyde Heath) – if it sees a decrease in passing trade, could it be compensated?
Information will be used when we have further discussions regarding the proposed Community and Environment Benefit Fund.
Petitioning/Select Committee If ill, how do you cancel/rearrange your appearance? Select Committee appearances can be re-arranged due to illness and pre-booked holidays
Petitioning/Select Committee How do you physically submit your 'power point' slide for the Select Committee to support the points you want to make? HS2Ltd / their Parliamentary Agents will inform you of how to submit your evidence when you receive a Petition Response Document.
Petitioning/Select Committee Mock Select Committee appearances would be useful Mock Select Committee appearances would be useful
Petitioning/Select Committee Chalfont St Giles PC and Chalfont St Peter PC could ask residents who have petitioned for their petition number/name Please send any lists of petitioners you already have to the BCC HS2 team – this will help us in our work to identify all Buckinghamshire petitioners.
Petitioning/Select Committee When do individuals need to arrange their Roll B agents?

Most of those who are using a Roll B agents should have had then appointed at the time of depositing petitions. We are clarifying if it is still possible to become a Roll B agent now. However, we understand that it is ok for someone to have a letter saying they are representing others, but are clarifying this.

We will distribute clarification either in an updated version of our FAQ or an e-update.
Please also see the Parliament FAQ at http://www.parliament.uk/business/bills-and-legislation/current-bills/hybrid-bills/hybrid-bills-faqs/where ‘second agents’ are discussed.

Petitioning/Select Committee Sharing evidence – other petitioners are keen to share their evidence with us and understand that ours is taking longer to compile For information.
Petitioning/Select Committee Photographs – local people happy to share and give to lead petitioners to use This is really helpful and we are pleased that some communities/individuals have already begun compiling and sharing photos.