ATC: Gully/Drain Clearing in the High Street, 7 Oct

Below is Amersham Town Council‘s letter to residents of the Old Town regarding works to be undertaken by Buckinghamshire Council to clear and unblock gullies and drains. This will take place in the High Street on Wed 7 Oct between 7am and 3pm. These important works are needed to prevent further flooding.

We are advised that there will be a full road closure along with the suspension of parking bays. Also we have been told that there will be no charge to park in the Old Amersham Car Park on this Wednesday. Hopefully this will lessen the inconvenience.

Dear Resident,


We are writing to notify you of some upcoming gully and drain works which will be taking place in the High Street on Wednesday 7 October between the hours of 7am and 3pm.

The Town Council has joined forces with Buckinghamshire Council (Transport for Bucks) to clear and unblock the gullies and drains. To enable Buckinghamshire Council to undertake these works, an emergency road closure will be necessary, along with the suspension of the parking bays.

Needless to say, the road closure will come with some inconvenience, however, as residents or shop owners of the High Street, you will appreciate the importance of having the drains and gullies unblocked. Without such work being undertaken, the properties, most notably on the north side of the High Street, will flood. As such, it is extremely important that vehicles are removed from the parking bays, otherwise the drains cannot be unblocked.

Access to side alleys and driveways off the High Street will be possible throughout the road closure, however, there may be some delay in gaining access.

Please note that the Town Council has no jurisdiction over the highway, but we are keen to work in partnership with Bucks Council to prevent further flooding. We intend to erect signage along the High Street to prewarn non-residents of the intended works.

The Town Council very much hope that the kerbs can also be swept as part of the works and, as such, we are in communication with Veolia.

Once again, both Buckinghamshire Council and the Town Council appreciate your support while these works are undertaken.

As always, we are very grateful for your support and assistance.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Amersham Town Council

28 September 2020