The Wellerman and the Amersham Connection

The Amersham Society May 2021 Newsletter told the story of The Wellerman, a sea shanty which had become very popular on the social medium TikTok earlier in the year.

The Wellerman was the supply ship owned by Sydney-based Joseph Weller and his sons Joseph junior, George and Edward. Joseph senior and two of his brothers, John and William, had inherited the Weller brewery in Amersham when their father, William senior, had died in 1802. However, Joseph senior had suffered from consumption (tuberculosis) and sold his share in the brewery to his brothers and eventually emigrated to Australia with his wife and sons where they established a whaling business.

The Amersham connection will be restored in 2021 because the Amersham Band is hoping to play their version of The Wellerman  at the concert in the Memorial Gardens on Sun 5 Sep.

South Sea Whale Fishery, 1830s © E. Duncan, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
South Sea Whale Fishery, 1830s