Society Town Trail Leaflet 1975

The first town trail leaflet “Amersham: A Walk around the Old Town” was published in 1975 as a contribution to European Architectural Heritage Year. The Society joined the Council of Europe’s initiative to raise public awareness that architectural heritage consists not only of the most important monuments, it also includes the groups of lesser buildings in old towns and villages in their natural or manmade settings.

Old Amersham Map, Town Trial Leaflet, 1975
Amersham Old Town Map, 1975

By 1975 most of the Old Town was already a conservation area. The map above from the leaflet shows many of the buildings listed as of historical or architectural interest. The full copy (PDF 15MB) is available here:

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This pocket size four fold leaflet proved very popular and its second edition was published in 1992 to reflect changes in the Old Town. Also it led to the creation of guided walks which are still going strong and now run by the Museum.

The main contributor, with the help of others, to its preparation was Anthony del Tufo.