Society Recruitment Party 2019

We would like to thank all our members and their guests who joined us for the Summer Drinks Recruitment Party on 3 Jul 2019. The party was successful and everyone who has spoken with us since was enthusiastic about it.

We are very grateful to Su and Quentin for letting the Amersham Society hold the party in their beautiful garden and give our guests a rare opportunity to have a closer glimpse at one of the most iconic houses in the Old Town.

Also we would like to thank our volunteer support team, who looked after our guests so well and made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. We would also like to thank the committee members and others who organised and paid for the delicious food and drinks.

Eight new recruits to the Society signed up and joined on the day and we are confident a significant  proportion of the application forms taken away will also be returned in due course. The detailed report will be published in the September Newsletter.