The First Ghosts: Most Ancient of Legacies

23 Feb 2022 @ 7:45 pm
Dr Irving Finkel, via
Dr Irving Finkel

Dr Irving Finkel returns to the Society with his new talk to survey a rich history of ancient ghosts and ghost stories. He will tell us about how the spirits of the dead have walked by our side since time immemorial and why the belief in ghosts makes us human.

Dr Finkel is a British philologist and Assyriologist. He is currently the Assistant Keeper of Ancient Mesopotamian script, languages and cultures in the Department of the Middle East in the British Museum. He is an author of a number of academic publications and fiction books. His most recent book “The First Ghosts” is available here.

The talk starts at 8.00pm. If you wish to participate in the meeting please email to requesting the invitation.