Committee Vacancies

Your new 2018-19 committee was elected at the AGM on Wednesday, 31 Oct and the members are as follows:

  • Dorothy Symes – Chair;
  • Edward Copisarow – Vice Chair;
  • Geraldine Marshall-Andrew – Hon Secretary;
  • David Atkinson – Hon Treasurer;
  • Peter Borrows – Membership Secretary.

We have all been members of the committee for some years and whilst there are enough of us to carry out the day to day work of the Amersham Society, we would be pleased to share the load more widely. We shall be seeking to recruit new members of the committee in the New Year.

Areas in which prospective committee members might be interested include:

  • Misbourne river walks;
  • monitoring planning and listed building applications;
  • contributing to the Newsletter;
  • helping to organise the 2020 talks and outings programme.

If you would be interested to find out more about getting involved, please e-mail Dorothy Symes at or Geraldine Marshall-Andrew at who will be pleased to meet with you for a coffee and a chat.