ATC: River Misbourne Restoration Works Update

Earlier this year FiveRivers Environmental Contracting Ltd together with Affinity Water and Amersham Town Council announced the plans to restore two sections of the River Misbourne in Barn and Pondwicks Meadows in Old Amersham. This is a part of Affinity Water’s River Restoration Programme for 2020-2025.

As the works were supposed to begin in autumn, we contacted the Council asking for an update. Please see the message from FiveRivers they have shared with us:

The proposed works to improve the River Misbourne at Barn Meadow and Pondwicks have been delayed due to issues with the flood risk modelling of the project. As such the Environment Agency has requested a revised proposal from Affinity Water, meaning that the works will now take place in spring, at the earliest, or next autumn. The improvements involve altering the riverbank and creating mini localised habitats along the bank of the river at various locations.