2023-24 Committee Re-elected

At the Society’s Annual General Meeting held in the Kings Chapel on Wed 25 Oct 2023 the eight current Committee members were re-elected. They are:

  • Peter Borrows,
  • David Cash,
  • John Catton,
  • Carol Chesney,
  • Edward Copisarow,
  • Geraldine Marshall-Andrew,
  • Elena Morgan,
  • Dorothy Symes.

There were no new nominations. After George Allison’s retirement was announced, Edward Copisarow thanked him for his 15 year service on the Committee and wished him all the best for the future. This was hugely supported by all present (approximately 60 members attending).

The meeting was followed by a talk given by Jonathan Crowther, Trustee of Search Dogs Buckinghamshire charity. Search Dogs Buckinghamshire was set up in 2008 as a member team of the Lowland Rescue association. They operate in Bucks area and work alongside other Lowland Rescue teams and Police advisers during search and rescue incidents.  If you wish to support them please click here.